Our main business focus is supplying top quality potatoes to the consumer. We are growing a wide range of potatoes on light, rich and irrigated soils, which helps produce good looking and most importantly, tasty spuds!

We are growing a wide range of potatoes, from baking potatoes to chipping potatoes. Here is a list of the varieties we grow.

• Amora
• Estima
• Maris Piper
• Marfona
• Markies
• Melody
• Mozart
• Safari
• Sylvana

These potatoes are sold for various outlets and for various uses. You will currently find our potatoes in Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrison’s, Waitrose and ASDA.

We are currently marketing our potatoes through a farmer controlled business called Nene potatoes. This group gives us a wider range of outlets for our potatoes, making our marketing far more economical. Please take a look at Nene on their website.